Style: Joesler



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Josias Joesler built many classic Tucson buildings from the 1930’s
to the 1950’s. Most are one story, with stucco or brick exteriors, and parapet
or partial tile roofs. Many Joesler homes have colored concrete floors, exposed
wood lintels and ceilings, carved corbels, colorful tile and iron accents.

Joesler house - Front Entry

Although some are similar to Santa Fe or Mexican colonial details,
Joesler also borrowed from California Mission trends, to include arched
doorways and gateways, with a casual feeling at a comfortable human scale.

Curving brick walkway

Landscape design: Typical landscape design for a Joesler home is
similar to Mexican colonial, but  typically with less emphasis on bright
or bold colors. 

Font - Symmetry and balance

Symmetry and balance in the design of landscape spaces
and plantings is a very important feature.